living in japan

Living in Shinjuku-ku

My Wife Yu-chan, the responsible of this blog, asked me to make some contributes and here I am. I am an italian architect and amature photographer living in Japan since November 2010. Yu-chan will call me N in this blog. As my first post in this blog I want to talk about the area in Tokyo where we live. It will not be a guide to Tokyo or to Shinjuku, just my personal opinion to Yochomachi district and some tips about nearby interesting areas. I’ve been living in Shinjuku-ku, Yochomachi district for 4 years. I moved here from Kitasando-Sendagaya area (shibuya-ku). Yochomachi was not exactly in the list of places me and my wife were searching at that time but the apartment was good and it was not far from my working place so we decided to give it a chance. The closest metro station to our house is Wakamatsukawada […]