Sugi Daimon street

Sugi Daimon street

The street has also a web page, in Japanese only, ( promoting Sugi Daimon is more than just a street it’s a neighborhood. The area is located between Akebonobashi and Yotsuya sanchome and it is accessible from the 2 homonyms metro stations.
Below I have have not been in the area but they are in the same area of ​​territory close to Yotsuya sanchomestation while I think it is also in the same area of ​​interest also the extension of the street arriving all the way until Akebonobashi metro station. inserted the map from the website and I have also included a map where I explained the extension towards akebonobashi.

The favorite part of the Sugi daimon district is the narrow street. The connections between the two are done by extremely narrow passages or corridors, need for the passage of just a person. I favorite restaurant of the area: A yakiniku restaurant where they serve lamb meat ( ) and a sushi restaurant with a characteristic façade. Below some pictures of the two places.


Below a list of them:
https: // Around the area there are many stunning sushi restaurant but be careful. Tabelog.Com/en/tokyo/A1309/A130903/13096927/
Https://Tabelog.Com/en/tokyo/A1309/A130903/ 13212833 /

And a bit further, but still around Yotsuya, some others very famous:
Sushi Sho

On the main street (Sugi Diamon) there are several bars; I haven’t tried all of them yet but I especially like one that has an Italian name: Ruscello. The bar attendant is a nice young lady very friendly and talkative. It’s a place where to go alone and where to meet other random people and start chatting about whatever topic … your Japanese skills or English skills do not matter. Sometimes in the bar there is a lady dressing up like a Geisha and performing traditional Japanese music and song by playing a traditional Japanese guitar. She charge 1000 Yen for two songs. The first time I entered in this bar the lady decided to perform for me an old Italian song as homage for my first visit at the place. I know it could sound a bit cheesy as a place but it’s enjoyable and that is what matter isn’t it?
If you are searching for live music there are other places that probably will interest you like jazz bars and bars where they perform traditional Okinawa style music.

But that’s not all… Sugi daimon provides a specialized blend of bars, restaurants and cafes for all the tastes; there are western style bars, Karaoke bars, girls bars, Akb48 lovers bar, escort bars, terrace bars, Italian style bar with weird name (Stimolo? What a name dude), magician bars, japanese traditional style bars with waitresses dressing in Yukata and kimono and again Chinese restaurant, yakitori restaurants, sushi counter restaurants and much more.

If you are coming from Yotsuya sanchome and you arrive at the end of the Sugi daimon street, you will find two ramen restaurant…. There are nothing special but when you cross Gaien-higashi dori, there are some interesting Yakiniku places located at the corner.
Meimon( is especially good. You can recognize it from the pictures attached on the wall about all the famous people who had been there.
If you proceed on the way to Akebonobashi you will find another interesting restaurant; it’s a ramen restaurant called Taishiosobatoka ( It’s very good and quite different from the common ramen places. Among all ramen I normally prefer the tsukemen type and the one they have here is very special: the soup is quite transparent and it has petals, the noodles and the eggs are exquisite and the meat in the soup is very tasty. They do not scream “irasshaimase” when you enter as somebody do in many other ramen places, the place is very bright and clean and the two guys speaks English and they can help you in choosing what you would prefer to order. They also have my favourite Japanese beer: the Yebisu gold 😉

Not to be included in the same district but not far From Sugidaimon area there is another street that is worth a visit. It’s a parallel road from the main one connecting Yotsuya with Shinjuku (below a screenshot of a google map).

Mitani sushi is located along this street on the street on the Yotsuya side, there is a famous curry / tonkatsu restaurant called Katsuretsu Yotsuya takeda ( / A1309 / A130902 / 13131643 / ); I do not think it is especially good but many people love it.

I have not been for kids and you are around Yotsuya sanchome there are a couple of places you may like like: A toy museum and the Tokyo fire department museum …. It looks like kids love them. maybe we will soon.

If you like architecture like myself you could be interested in two small houses that are located at this area. Below the pictures: