Sugi Daimon street

The street has also a web page, in Japanese only, ( promoting Sugi Daimon is more than just a street it’s a neighborhood. The area is located between Akebonobashi and Yotsuya sanchome and it is accessible from the 2 homonyms metro stations. Below I have have not been in the area but they are in the same area of ​​territory close to Yotsuya sanchomestation while I think it is also in the same area of ​​interest also the extension of the street arriving all the way until Akebonobashi metro station. inserted the map from the website and I have also included a map where I explained the extension towards akebonobashi. The favorite part of the Sugi daimon district is the narrow street. The connections between the two are done by extremely narrow passages or corridors, need for the passage of just a person. I favorite restaurant of the area: A […]

Shinjuku-ku _ Kagurazaka district

Kagurazaka is one of my favorite district in Tokyo. It’s located near Iidabashi station and it’s easily accessible from 3 different metro/rail station/lines: Iidabashi (JR,  Nanboku line and Oedo line), Kagurazaka (Tozai line ) and Ushigome Kagurazaka (Oedo line). Below a picture of the Iidabashi station. For us Kagurazaka is just 2 Km far from our apartment therefore we normally go there walking from home and that’s the reason it became one of our favorite destination for our family evening walks, especially in summer.  The Neighborhood has so much to offer in terms of shops, restaurant, bar, cafes, temples, events, … so you will never get bored about it. The main street is a long axis starting from the north east side of Iidabashi Station but from this primary spine there are several secondary streets that are worth a visit. My favorite one is extremely narrow and therefore only pedestrians […]

Living in Shinjuku-ku

My Wife Yu-chan, the responsible of this blog, asked me to make some contributes and here I am. I am an italian architect and amature photographer living in Japan since November 2010. Yu-chan will call me N in this blog. As my first post in this blog I want to talk about the area in Tokyo where we live. It will not be a guide to Tokyo or to Shinjuku, just my personal opinion to Yochomachi district and some tips about nearby interesting areas. I’ve been living in Shinjuku-ku, Yochomachi district for 4 years. I moved here from Kitasando-Sendagaya area (shibuya-ku). Yochomachi was not exactly in the list of places me and my wife were searching at that time but the apartment was good and it was not far from my working place so we decided to give it a chance. The closest metro station to our house is Wakamatsukawada […]